this is me 

When creating I let my mood, environment and experiences subconsciously influence the colors and layouts of my artwork. Part of my process is embracing spontaneous outcomes and experimenting in all artistic situations. Instead of creating a solid plan or a desired outcome I allow my mind to be free from constraints and let it flow from mind directly to medium. The process in how I build and experiment a piece of artwork is essential to embracing my deep inner creativity and essential to how I represent reconstructing an alternative reality. I want my viewers to be able to engage with my work in any way they see possible. 

upcoming shows & events

  • Optic Rhythm, Solo Show, Storied Coffee, Scotia NY, Opening Reception January 17th, 2020

  • Savoy Taproom, Albany NY Opening Reception March 6th, 2020

  • Cacoon Residency, The Art Center of the Capital Region , Troy, NY February 8th- April 




shows & awards

  • 1st place in Narrative Comedy, Capitol Region Art Festival 2013 


  • 1st  place in Graphic Design, Capitol Region Art Festival 2013 


  • Opalka galleryJuried Art Show, Sage College, Albany, NY 2014 


  • "Where we going?"Solo Show, Ben and Jerry's Albany, NY  

  • Digital Media Art Show II Hudson Valley, Troy, NY 2017 


  • Go-FigureJuried Art Show, NHIA Manchester, NH 2018 


  • Generation FightJupiter Hall, Manchester NH, 2018


  • Annual BFA Undergraduate ShowNHIA Manchester, NH 2018


  • Design NHlogo NHIA, 2018 


  • Folk Singer Avi Jacob logo 2018 

  • Versatile"Before" show, Manchester, NH 2018

  • Versatile"After" Show Manchester, NH 2018 

  • 2018 NHIA Catalyst 2018

  • “Unique Perspectives; Artists of the Capital Region”Albany NY Visitor Center 2019

  • Solo Show “Seeing Clearly”Vault Gallery, NHIA Manchester, NH 2019


  • M.A.P. Vol 5 Jupiter Hall Manchester NH 2019 

  • Cafe La ReineGallery Space Manchester, NH 2019 


  • Annual BFA Senior Exhibitionat New Hampshire institute of Art 2019

  • Art on Lark2018 & 2019 Albany, NY, Art Festival 

  • United Way Charity Exhibition Dharma Art Gallery at Peaceful Journeys Yoga

      Amherst, NH

  • My Art Show 3 Budweiser Brewery, Merrimack, NH

  • M.A.P. Vol 9 Jupiter Hall Manchester NH 2019 

  • "Optic Rhythm", Solo Show at Storied Coffee, Scotia, NY